Calm Your Mind+Anxiety and Get to Sleep Easier

Do you start thinking 💭 about literally EVERYTHING when you lay down to go to sleep? 😴🥴

Trying to stop thinking just makes it worse!

When this happens to me, I try reading something(cause that always puts me to sleep 😂). The key is to distract your mind.

Here are some helpful tips to calm your mind/anxiety and get you to sleep easier:

•Try going to sleep around the same time each night.
•Don’t force it. If you are having trouble falling asleep, stop trying at that moment. Do something that calms you and try again.
•Avoid doing work in your bed. (Create a separate space to do work/homework)
•Try not to keep checking the time(this can add to your stress if you have to wake up early)
•Get comfy! Make sure it’s quiet, dark, the temperature is good, and maybe play some calming sounds.

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